It all began more than 45 years ago, in Spa, Belgium, where the founding couple of CERAN, Monique and René Bastin, had a vision to help people from different backgrounds and cultures communicate and understand each other better.

Today, CERAN’s mission is as relevant as ever and the CERAN group is carrying out this mission by offering a variety of language and intercultural training courses to both companies and individuals. You choose what suits your needs best : full immersion, distance-learning or E-Learning.

In 2019, CERAN became part of the Chateauform’ group, which is the European leader in hosting seminars and corporate events. CERAN immersion courses now benefit from the added warmthand quality of service of the Chateauform’ teams and venuesthroughout Europe.

At the CERAN Academy, we put all our skills, energy and care into supporting JUNIORS (9 to 17 years old) and YOUNG ADULTS (18 to 25 years old) on their educational journey at our sites in Spa,St Roch Ferrières (Belgium) or Champéry (Switzerland) during the school holidays and remotely all year round.

You can count on the commitment and experience of the CERANAcademy to provide lasting progress through «Seriously Fun»language experiences.

our commitment

International camps with a good mix of nationalities

Rapid progress : 1 CEFR level acquired
in an average of 2.5 weeks

Educational and fun
activities and excursions

Premium accommodation
and balanced meals

Exceptional destinations
and secure facilities

Centres equipped with
high tech teaching tools


Native-speaker instructors trained
in the CERAN methodology

High ratio of 1 staff member
to 3 students

Small classes - no more than 9 children per class with an average of 7

the ceran's methodology

Developed in 1975 and continually updated and improved, the CERAN methodology focuses on communication and enables young learners to express themselves in the target language with greater confidence.

the concept of immersion

From morning to evening, students practice the target language with their classmates, teachers and supervisors, even outside the classroom during meals, activities and excursions. Non-stop practice!

key sentences

They summarise each lesson and are recorded for students to practice and use in different contexts.


Every language has its own music, rhythm and intonation. This verbo-tonal method corrects students’ phonetic errors, improves pronunciation and reduces the influence of their mother tongue to enable better communication.

QRI ® Question, Answer, Intonation

A technique of reinforcement and assimilation of the language based on mutual listening between the trainer and the learner and repetition. Did you know that neuroscientific studies have shown that you have to repeat something at least5 times in order to remember it?


LEARN all year round

CERAN Academy also offers individual online courses throughout the year, from Monday to Friday.In blocks of 10 to 25 hours, any young person can benefit from the CERAN methodology and content, which is tailormade to meet their needs and availability.

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